Razor Polygon

The Razor Polygon freediving fins have a blade made of layers in carbon fiber and glass fiber . These high quality fins offer unmatched performance in terms of propulsion and responsiveness. The blade has a constant thickness. The indigo camodesign makes the fisherman’s profile “invisible”, in order to optimize fishing potential.

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    Mares’s Razor Polygon freediving and spearfishing fins are made of pre-impregnated fiberglass layers . The redesign of the classic Razor Polygon fin includes a bold new look and innovative design features and uses a high quality manufacturing process. The camouflage printing is based on the study on UV spectrum light, and PF colors which are less visible to fish.

    The Razor Polygon shovel is made with pre-impregnated layers of fiberglass with a constant blade thickness. New variable lateral support ribs and 26-degree blade angle optimize thrust and flexibility.

    Key features of the Razor Polygon freediving fins are:

    • Blade produced with pre-impregnated layers of fiberglass
    • Constant blade thickness
    • Indigo camouflage design making the figure of the fisherman “invisible” for optimizing fishing potential
    • The blade has a width of 22 cm and a length of 59 cm
    • High quality manufacturing process
    • New variable height side profiles supporting and optimizing flexibility and channel thrust effect
    • Blade inclination at 26° relative to the liner
    • Designed to be worn with a soft 3mm fit
    • Interchangeable blade

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