Diver Rescue Training

Our Rescue Services are two-fold – Diver Rescue Training for Public Safety Diving & Specialised Equipment for Rescue Activities.

Public Safety Diving (PSD) is entirely different from recreational diving. The primary task of a Public Safety Diving team is to respond to an underwater emergency with alertness and zeal. Naturally, the ask on skill level, commitment, physical & psychological readiness is higher for PSD Divers.

In conjunction with SSI, we offer the Public Safety Diving Program – which intends to train and certify divers so they can conduct PSD operations safely.

This program has been designed in collaboration with subject matter experts from around the globe, and is constantly evolving, keeping pace with newer technology & updated methodologies.

Our Program

Bearing in mind the stringent pre-requisites Diver Rescue Training demands, who better than an ex Armed Forces Commander, with the relevant field & tactical experience, to conduct the training.

Hence we have partnered with an Instructor, who is not only an ex Navy Diver, but also a Recreational Scuba Instructor, India’s leading PSD Instructor and a full Cave Trimix Diver, to head this training program here in India.

The program is designed keeping in mind Professional and Volunteer Fire Fighters, Paramilitary Forces, Civil Defence and Public Safety Forces.

With the objective to maintain the continuous education of these professionals, the training program will include 4 levels: PUBLIC SAFETY DIVING Level I, PUBLIC SAFETY DIVING Level II, PUBLIC SAFETY DIVING Level III and PUBLIC SAFETY DIVING Level III Overhead.

Each higher level will be more specialised and will be applied to special teams of Public Safety Diving.

This course will not cover aspects of underwater ordnance disposal.

PSD teams of course have highly specialised equipment needs, and we take immense pride in having the ability & the means to make the same available to them within India – in the easiest, quickest, and most hassle-free ways possible!

From integrated full face masks, cold & extreme environment diving systems, high intensity search lights, thermal wear, dry suits to advanced diving computers! The requirements are aplenty and we are delighted to be able to supply them all!

If you want to know more, or are interested in collaborating with us, please leave us a message below and we’ll get in touch with you!