MySSI App Leads the Industry in Connecting Divers with Training Centers

The newly updated MySSI App is the strongest, most comprehensive tool for divers in the industry today. This impressive, FREE application is akin to one-stop-shopping for dive enthusiasts, where you can find all things scuba, freediving, extended range, and mermaiding Access your digital dive log anywhere in the world with advanced logging features, connect with your buddies, search for SSI Centers worldwide, see upcoming events in your area, and so much more! Never be left without your digital materials or c-card with 24/7 access to all of your issued dive programs in digital format and your digital certification card wallet. The MySSI app is also an amazingly useful marketing tool for SSI Centers, connecting them directly to customers by displaying their upcoming Courses, Travel, and Events. The app is available at your iOS or android download center for free. Download it today at:

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SSI Centers Gain Marketability and Visual Presence Through the MySSI App

SSI Centers love the MySSI app because it connects them to their customer base 24 hours a day, seven days a week, worldwide. Dealers can use various tools within the app to stay connected to their customer base digitally, entice divers to come into their Training Center, and bring in new customers by being visually present within the global search engine.

Increase your center’s business by utilizing these MySSI app tools:

Center Locator 

  • Get found on the MySSI app’s Sites & Centers map prominently displayed on the app’s homepage.

Dive Site Affiliation

  • Affiliate your center with your local dive sites, making you visible to every diver using the app to visit that site. It also allows your store to show up in SSI’s new MyDiveGuide travel site.

Dive Log Verification

  • Dives logged in the MySSI app can only be verified by SSI Pros or Centers. This feature brings divers back into your store after diving to verify their logged dives.

Event Calendar

  • Integrates with the MySSI app’s Center Locator to display your current Course and Event offerings.

SSI Center QR Code

  • Utilize your center’s unique QR code, allowing customers to scan and get instant access to your center’s important information.

Free Promotional Digital Course Materials

  • Draw in new customers with these free promotional course materials: Try Scuba, Try Freediving, Try Mermaid, and Blue Oceans, all available for free when you download the app.

Pathway Posters

  • Within the MySSI app, your customers will have access to all the SSI program pathways to success. Pathway posters for scuba, freediving, XR, mermaid, and swim will show customers their next steps to “level-up” in their training.

SSI Instructors Increase Student Acquisition and Continuing Education with the MySSI App

SSI Professionals love the MySSI App because it actively promotes continuing education and local diving, and an active diver is an active customer. The app is an excellent tool for instructors to utilize in keeping connected with students. Don’t let scheduling conflicts get in the way of starting your students on their next certification program. Give them immediate access to digital training materials anytime, anywhere.

Manage your students and increase efficiency by utilizing these MySSI app tools:

Pro QR Code

  • Digitally sign your student’s dives by using your personalized QR code.

Training Standards

  • No computer or instructor manual out on the boat with you to look up a quick training standard? No problem, the MySSI app has you covered! Get 24/7 access to all of your program training standards.

Online Final Exam

  • SSI has stepped up their game by offering more tools to support virtual training. Your students can now access the final exam for all recreational diving, freediving, and ecology programs within their digital training materials, found in the MySSI app.

Pro Rewards

  • SSI Pros receive reward points for every certification they issue that can then be applied as real money to their Professional Renewal Fee during the November/December renewal period. Track your Pro Rewards in the MySSI app.

Pathway Posters

  • Within the MySSI app, your students will have access to all the SSI program pathways to success. Pathway posters for scuba, freediving, XR, mermaid, and swim will show students their next steps to “level-up” in their training.

SSI Divers Stay Active and Connected with the MySSI App

SSI divers love the MySSI App because they can access all things scuba, freediving, and extended range in one place. Gone are the days of showing up to the dive boat without your certification card, logbook, and necessary training materials; now, it is all safely stored in your MySSI app. Simply download the app, set up your profile, and within minutes you can access a world of diving possibilities.

Stay connected to diving at all times by utilizing these MySSI app tools:

Digital Training Materials

  • Instantly access comprehensive, first-rate videos, illustrations, animations, and photos to stimulate learning. Use this first-rate technology to strengthen your learning experience, anytime and anywhere. Add personal notes and bookmarks to discuss questions with your SSI Dive Professional.

Digital Logbook

  • This is not your father’s logbook. The MySSI digital logbook lives on your phone and goes with you everywhere. It has a whole host of advanced features to help you remember your dive for years to come like exact dive site GPS coordinates, comprehensive wildlife list, digital buddy list, etc. Plus, dive details are customized depending on the type of dive selected from scuba and extended range to rebreather and freediving.

Universal QR Code Scanner

  • Use this unique feature to quickly log your dives by scanning a dive site’s QR code or that of the center you are diving with, and add new buddies to your dive log by scanning their personal QR code.

Certification Cards

  • Never lose another certification card! Show proof of your certification right on your smart device and never leave home without it again! Free recognition cards, like Specialty Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, and Master Diver, are automatically issued once you meet the requirements.

Training Center Courses & Events

  • Don’t miss out on local dive happenings. Stay up to date with your affiliated SSI Center by viewing their upcoming courses and events.

Industry News & Videos

  • Stay connected to diving year-round, even when you have to stay on dry land, with the latest industry news and exciting videos under the Events & More tab.

Tables & Charts

  • Dive computer break and no dive tables in sight? The MySSI app has you covered with digital dive tables, EAN dive tables, and more.


  • Ready to take your diving to the next level? View all SSI pathway posters to see what’s next on your road to becoming a better, more adventurous diver.

Whether you own or manage a Training Center, are a dive professional, or just love diving with friends, the MySSI App has everything you need to drive your business, keep students engaged, and keep track of all your diving adventures. Ready to see what the MySSI app is all about? Start your free access today at

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