Regulators are arguably the most important part of any scuba divers gear. A regulator effectively delivers air from the tank to you, allowing you to breathe under water.

Regulators offered by us at The Purple Octopus are made up for 3 separate parts

  • 1st Stage: The first stage of your scuba regulator, which is the part that attaches to your dive tank, takes the air from the dive tank and reduces the pressure to an intermediate or working pressure.
  • 2nd Stage Primary: The second stage further reduces the pressure to a breathable pressure, allowing you to breathe comfortably underwater. The second stage uses a demand valve to deliver air only when you need it with each inhale.
  • Octopus: The Octopus is your backup breathing apparatus. These usually have the same components of your regulator and most of them feature the same benefits and characteristics.

Regulators come in two different types, DIN or Yoke regulators. This refers to the attachment point. A DIN style first stage screws into the opening on the scuba tank, while a Yoke style one slips over the opening and screws onto it, abutting the attachment point.