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The Mares Bolt SLS rear Jacket aid is comfortable and slim, ideal for traveling and suitable for single and double tanks. It provides a flotation capacity of up to 18.5 kg. It is equipped with the SLS ballast system.

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The Bolt SLS rear diver’s bcd offers incomparable comfort and stability, with a buoyancy of up to 18.5 kg.
The 18.5kg buoyancy is guaranteed in all 5 new sizes (2 more than the previous versions) to provide a perfect fit for all divers.
The new SLS ballast system has a capacity of 4+4kg on sizes XS to M, and 6+6kg on sizes L and XL. Among other features, the specific visual confirmation of the correct positioning of the ballast provides safety when diving.
The comfort and fit are truly exceptional, as is the ergonomic design.

With its adjustable ventral strap closure, rather than a simple strap and the ballast system mounted on the back cover extension, the Bolt SLS is a truly high-end solution that will satisfy even the most demanding divers.
Compatible with the additional rear ballast pocket (trim weight, up to 2+2kg) that can be mounted on either side of the backrest, as well as the unfoldable pouch under the right ballast holder that is closed by a robust zip.
The new one-piece backpack with a special coating is able to accommodate single or twin tanks.
The integrated whistle in the buckle, the D-Ring on the right shoulder inclined at 45° for consoles and the practical 40mm tilting buckle complete the offer.
The Bolt SLS Jacket is easy to carry and customise thanks to the labels on the ballast pouches and the new graphics on the weight insert.

The main features of the Bolt SLS BCD are:

  • Exceptionally stable and comfortable backpack Jacket with a lifting thrust of 18.5 kg
  • Hydrodynamic
  • Swinging shoulder strap buckles
  • Intelligent Trim Weight positioning
  • SLS ballast system
  • Unfoldable pouch
  • Adjustable ventral strap
  • Also suitable for travelling
  • Single plate backrest suitable for both single and double tanks
  • Visual confirmation of the correct insertion of the storage pouch
  • Customisation label on the storage pouch

Technical characteristics of the Bolt SLS Jacket:

  • Weight system: SLS
  • Thrust: 180N (Size L)
  • Material: Cordura 420
  • Eyelets: 6 Stainless steel
  • Weight: 3.9kg (Size L)
  • Backpack: Monoplate

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