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The features of this Mares Lift Bag make it the ideal tool for your recoveries in the water.

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    The Lift Bag was designed by Mares for your retrievals in the water. Its capacity to lift 30 kg and the overpressure valve make it your ideal buoy.

    The key features of the Mares Lift Bag are:

    • Double stitched and welded
    • Lifting capacity 30kg
    • Available in orange – easy to notice for air or surface traffic
    • Non-return valve for low pressure or mouth inflator connector
    • Stainless steel D-ring on top and lower and elastic fixed on the bottom
    • Overpressure valve (opv) that allows precise adjustments during lifting operations with long and accessible knob
    • With mouth closed – eliminates the possibility that gas can escape from the lifting buoy during ascent or in surface

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    15cm x 180cm


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