MP-500 Silicone Mouthpiece

Comfortable long bite silicone scuba mouthpiece. Durable and comfortable dual-silicone scuba mouthpiece MP-500 Long bite mouthpieces have long bite tabs that extend far into a diver’s mouth. Adult Silicone mouthpiece with colored tooth tab distributes the pressure from the scuba mouthpiece across more of the diver’s teeth.

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    Product Details

    The AQUATEC MP-500 Silicone Mouthpiece has a revolutionary design that incorporates multiple ergonomically designed raised crayton rubber cushions on the bite tabs. This provides additional comfort, less jaw fatigue and a more pleasant dive experience. This scuba mouthpiece really makes a difference in the quality of your dive!

    The features of the MP-500 Silicone Mouthiece are:

    • Material: non-toxic Silicone.
    • Color:Black-Yellow.