Quad, multi-blend, large-screen scuba diving computer. Extraordinarily clear display with large-format data, two customisable fields for auxiliary information.

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    The Quad Scuba Dive Computer features a more visible screen, thanks to its size and 3 lines of “Jumbo Size” information that are now available in a larger size.
    The four buttons that provide intuitive operation become mirrored during the dive, thanks to the mirrored button function. The top two buttons perform the same function, displaying the current depth, maximum depth, average depth, MOD, deep stop or temperature in the field on the right, as do the lower buttons, which both display oxygen percentage, ppO2, CNS and more to the right of the dive time.

    The Quad dive computer features:

    • the “Runaway Deco Alarm” which alerts the user when staying at the current depth will cause a significant increase in mandatory deco stages
    • The “Deco Dive Planner” with surface interval input that is adaptable to the user’s needs.
    • Dive Time which can be displayed with or without seconds
    • multi-mixing capability
    • extended battery life that can be replaced by the user

    In addition, the ascent warning is clearer and more understandable. At the end of the dive, a special ‘minilog‘ alternates every 4 seconds between the maximum depth, average depth, dive time and gas used for the dive that has just finished and the classic data on unsaturation, no fly, CNS and surface interval.
    The fit has also been improved, with the option of fitting bungees in place of the original strap for those who prefer this solution.
    Available in two colours, white and black, the QUAD comes with a new “compact” instruction manual (settings, alarms, dive mode, pictures all on the inside cover) which is printed in 20 languages, and inserted directly into the original packaging.
    QUAD can also use the “BLUELINK” bluetooth system for recording and sharing dive data directly to a smartphone.

    Additional information


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    Mount Type

    Battery Type

    Logbook Capacity


    Gas Capability


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    PC Connectivity


    Crystal Glass Display

    Tempered glass with superior scratch resistance and improved readability in all diving conditions and viewing angles.



    Software Upgradeability

    Keep your dive computer up-to-date with the latest Mares developments.



    Gas Switching

    Setting the computer to include one or more oxygen enriched – gases (up to 99%) in addition to your main gas; allow you to benefit from shorter decompression times by switching gases during the dive.



    Segment Display

    Needle-sharp information combined with intelligent placement of information for easiest readability.


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