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The Smart Air scuba dive computer allows you to manage multi-blend dives. It allows you to use up to 3 sensors to monitor the consumption of 3 different gases. It can be used in Scuba, Gauge, Apnea and Clock modes. Long-lasting, user-replaceable lithium battery.

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The Smart Air scuba dive computer is innovative and complete. Its features make it suitable for the needs of every diver, from experienced technical divers to recreational divers and freedivers.
Up to three multi-gas dive transmitters can be used and the transmission of tank pressure data is handled via radio frequency. Each transmitter has a flashing LED that indicates the gas pressure using colour codes: green for over 180 bar, yellow at 100 bar and red below 50 bar.
The display shows data divided into three separate lines, with large numbers that are immediately readable thanks to very nickety and clear segments. More important data, such as Deco / No Deco, depth and pressure, are displayed using larger digits.
The information in the upper and lower areas can be chosen by the user.

The Smart Air Logbook can store information for up to 95 hours of diving! Once downloaded to a PC or Mac, you can view profiles of each dive at a five-second sampling rate. You can also download this information to your smart device using the Bluelink interface via the MySSI app.

A ”Dive-planner” function allows you to plan your dives, with or without decompression, and offers the option of setting a surface interval for repetitive dives. There is a “Bottom Time” function for those who only want to know the time and depth of the dive, with resettable average depth and stopwatch.

If you are a freediving enthusiast, the Smart Air offers a Diving function that displays all the information to you, with dedicated visual and audible alarms. Finally, Smart Air uses a lithium battery, which is long-lasting, easy to find and affordable.

The main features of the Smart Air scuba dive computer are:

  • Software: RGBM Mares- Wienke 10 fabrics
  • Number of selectable gases: 3
  • Pressure probe: yes, up to 3 optional
  • Nitrox: yes, 21-99% O2
  • Modes: Scuba, Gauge, Apnea, Clock
  • Maximum Operating Depth: 150m
  • Altitude compensation: manual
  • Alarms: Audio/Video selectable
  • Interface: optional
  • Memory: 95 hours with sampling every 5″.
  • Display: Backlit segment LCD
  • Battery: CR2450 user-replaceable, 100-150 dives”

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Air Integration

PC Connectivity


Mineral Glass Display

Tempered glass with superior scratch resistance and improved readability in all diving conditions and viewing angles.



Software Upgradeability

Keep your dive computer up-to-date with the latest Mares developments.



Gas Switching

Setting the computer to include one or more oxygen enriched – gases (up to 99%) in addition to your main gas; allow you to benefit from shorter decompression times by switching gases during the dive.



Segment Display

Needle-sharp information combined with intelligent placement of information for easiest readability.


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