Fifish V6 Expert Package

FIFISH V6 EXPERT is a professional-class underwater robot and multi-capable tool for enhancing your underwater missions and operations.

The V6 EXPERT can be equipped with an onshore power supply system that delivers optimal diving performance and operating time.

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    Product Details

    12 Megapixel Resolution                      166° FOV Wide-Angle Lens
    4K UHD Camera                                  6000 Lumen LED Lights
    DNG (RAW) Format Support            240 FPS Slo-Mo Capture
    Secure SD Card Slot                            360° Omnidirectional Movement
    Posture Lock                                        Depth Lock
    3 Knots (1.5m/s)                                  Q-IF Multi-Tool Extension Interface
    Secure & Fast Charging                      Onshore Power Supply System(Optional)


    Things included in the package:

    • Industrial Case
    • 200M Tether & Spool
    • Robotic Arm with Add-on Grippers
    • Controller
    • VR Goggles
    • Spare Propellers (x2)
    • Controller Charger
    • ROV Charger


    Upgraded Build & Performance - True 360°

      Protection against corrosion and sand

      Complete freedom of movement in the aquatic world

      Ultra-smooth and steady footage wherever missions take you

    Streamlined, Robust & Reliable Design

    360° protection of core components

    Rugged and flexible Kevlar cable for fast deployment and recovery

    VR Intelligent Head Tracking

    FIFISH V6 EXPERT applies unique sensory controls that provide the user a truly immersive underwater experience from the ROV’s first-person perspective. Through the smart VR goggles, take the QYSEA patented full 360° directional and posture control of the V6 EXPERT simply by rotating the head. This intelligent feature is accurate, easy to use, and a breakthrough in underwater exploration.

    4K Low Noise Shooting for Cinematic Clarity

    The FIFISH V6 EXPERT comes equipped with a UHD 4K underwater camera lens, along with a 166° ultra-wide field of view, 12-megapixel resolution, 240 FPS slow-motion filming capabilities, and much more. V6 EXPERT’s vision enhancement algorithms bring out the vibrancy of the underwater environment, so you can capture every detail needed in your aquatic operations and missions.
    166° FOV Lens                      240FP SloMo Capture
    4K UHD Video Quality        DNG (RAW) Format Support
    12 Megapixel Resolution    F/2.5 Aperture

    Enhanced Lighting for Optimal Clarity

    The FIFISH V6 EXPERT comes equipped with a pair of ultra-bright 6000 lumen LED lights alongside its 4K UHD camera, delivering brilliant, vivid, and vibrant images and footage within even the darkest spaces.
    Without Lights
    With 6000 Lumens LED Lights

    Micro SD Card,Fast Transfer & Storage

    The SD card can be taken out of the V6 EXPERT for data exporting with ease. The ROV comes equipped with a 128GB card for ample space and storage of high-definition films and images.

    Powerful Battery, Quick Charge Enabled

    The V6 EXPERT has a 14400mAh super-capacity battery the provides long-lasting battery life, quick charging capabilities, as well as multiple safety and security mechanisms.


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