Heavy Light Mounted System


The Light Backmount Set is made up by a sturdy and durable harness, including a crotch and equipped with a marine stainless steel D-ring. It is mounted on an aluminum backrest, proving perfect for transport.

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    The Light Backmount Set is the complete harness including a 6061 marine anodized aluminum backrest. The configuration is compliant with Hogartian canons.

    The main features of the High Resistance Backmount Set are:
    • 3.5 m Strap with central hole and frog
    • 3×40 mm elastic loops
    • 1.5 m crotch strap
    • Accessories
    • 2 x 50 mm curved stainless steel D-rings (chest area)
    • 2 x D – 50 mm stainless steel straight rings (ventral area)
    • 4 x Stainless steel sliding plates (d-ring holder)
    • 2 x Stainless steel toothed sliding plates (d-ring holder)
    • 1 x Stainless steel ventral buckle
    • 2 x 50 mm straight stainless steel D-rings (under the crotch area)
    • 1 x Sliding stainless steel stop (under the crotch area)

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