Ghost BX2000 with Transportation Box

Ghost is a model for professionals, whose high requirements in technical equipment have encouraged them to look for the best DPV available on the market.

The GHOST model was built to exceed the current limits set by other DPV scooters and is a unit of choice of all deep divers. The exceptionally large battery (standard 1500W, extra capacity 2000W) is almost impossible to be discharged even during the longest exploration dives.


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    Product Details

    Magnetic Propulsion

    Post-Swirl Stator System

    AirFoil Shaped Propeller

    Dual Steering Handle


    Burntime Display


    Battery Management System

    BLAC Steering


    Double Tap

    Easy Propeller Removal

    Easy Trimming

    External Charging Port

    Extreme Efficiency

    Full One-Handed Control

    Handle Up Position

    Li-Ion Power

    Low-Magnetic Zone

    Master Switch

    Onboard Computer

    Scooter History

    Time Lock

    User Customisation Menu

    Sealed Battery

    Silent Drive



    Working time at optimal speed: >700 min. (45m/min)*

    Working time at maximum speed: >220 min. (gear 9)*

    Range: 31.5 km*

    Maximum static thrust: 340 N

    Maximum speed: 1.6 m/s

    * Applicable in terms of a diver in a twinset 2×12, in a dry suit, in fresh water. Range tested for optimal speed



    Battery Type: Li-Ion

    Battery capacity: 2000 Wh

    Maximum battery voltage: 37.8 V

    Minimum battery voltage: 26 V

    Average time of charging 90%: 6 or 3 h**

    Average time of charging 100%: 7 or 3,5 h**

    Charger operating voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz / 400 or 900 W**

    ** Depending on the order.



    Width: 360 mm

    Length: 800 mm

    Height: 410 mm

    Housing diameter: 208 mm

    Weight without battery and ballast: 12 kg

    Weight with battery and fresh water ballast: 22.9 kg



    Maximum depth: 220 m

    Correct displacement (with adjusted ballast): Neutral

    Level / Trim (with adjusted ballast): Neutral

    Operating temperature: -5/+45⁰C***

    Storage temperature: -25/+50⁰C

    Temperature while charging: +10/+40⁰C

    *** At temperatures below 0⁰C, due to properties of lithium cells, the battery capacity and hence the scooter’s performance can be significantly reduced. It is reversible process – after raising the temperture of the battery to temperature level above 0⁰C the capacity of the battery returns to the nominal capacity.


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