ENOS stands for ANDelectronic Nemergency call
and THErtungsssystem and
is a globally unique GPS-supported rescue system. It locates GPS
– Reliably supports divers who forget or are caught in a current
were aborted. Any rescue can be done by the boat crew
be carried out independently and quickly. The crew has to
missing divers do not have to search for long, but are navigated to the point.
This reduces the waiting time of the missing divers to a minimum. There will be no assistance from the SAR
(Search And Rescue) or Coast Guard needed
and is free of charge, without fees and without radio certificate.


It is an independent rescue system for sailors, boaters, wind and kite surfers as well as dock workers, pilots, workers on wind farms and platforms. It can be combined with existing equipment and don’t touch it GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress Safety System)


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    Product Details

    The MOBOS system consists of 2 units:

    The MOBOS recipient who is contacting
    on board or at a shore base

    The MOBOS transmitter that the user carries with them

    The MOBOS receiver determines its position via the GPS satellites and is now ready to receive and evaluate the emergency calls from the MOBOS transmitter.

    It is on board and is switched on at the start of the trip.

    For windsurfers and kitesurfers, the MOBOS receiver is switched on on the surf base.

    The MOBOS transmitter is carried by the user. Boaters attach it directly to the life jacket, windsurfers and kite surfers wear it directly to their sports equipment.

    The MOBOS transmitter is available in 2 versions:

    MTX-A automatically activated by self-inflation of the automatic lifejacket

    MTX-M is switched on manually. It is ideal for solid vests or can be attached directly to clothing and sports equipment

    In an emergency, the MOBOS transmitter is activated by the user who sends its signals Immediately sends to the MOBOS receiver!

    Just seconds later the MOBOS receiver receives the 1st Alarm from the activated MOBOS transmitter:
    That’s the crew instantly informed of the emergency.

    Immediately after the MOBOS transmitter received the 1. alarm, he determines his GPS-Position about the GPS satellites.

    As soon as he has this data, he also sends it directly to the MOBOS receiver.

    From your own Position and the GPS-Position from the MOBOS transmitters, the receiver now calculates the exact distance and direction to the accident victim.

    It displays this data in a graphic on a screen. MOBOS is the Signpost for quick help!

    The crew now only has to pick up the missing people




    When developing the MOBOS transmitter, we had the hard use in the water in mind and have raised the quality requirements accordingly so that the transmitter can withstand the rough everyday life.

    The MOBOS transmitter is only 20 cm long, has a diameter of 3.5 cm and weighs only 165 grams!

    The antenna is embedded in the extremely robust housing, which avoids antenna breakage.

    Der MOBOS-Sender sendet alle 15 seconds being
    Signal and the crew always know the current position from the MOB.

    There is an LED on its head that flashes regularly when in use and is visible from afar. It also shows the battery status and the function mode when in use.

    The MOBOS transmitter can be combined with any life jacket
    and any water protection equipment combine:

    Automatic life jacket for sailors, pilots, dockers …

    Solid vest for boaters, canoeists …

    Right on the man for wind or kite surfers

    So that MOBOS can be used anytime and anywhere, the MOBOS transmitter is available in 2 different versions


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