rEvo III Closed Circuit Rebreather


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    Product Details

    Why rEvo?

    • Streamlined: most compact unit available on the market: less drag in the water
    • Back-mounted counter lungs, protected inside a titanium housing: free chest for working diver
    • Easy to setup/maintain: no tools required
    • Complete build from scratch using checklist takes < 3 minutes
    • Complete unit check including calibration using checklist: < 5 minutes
    • Most efficient scrubber on the market: dual redundant design: safer in use while using less sorb.
    • Ready to dive: full steel tanks, full scrubber: only 29.0 kg.
    • Minimal need for extra weight when diving: unit has very limited ‘non- compressible’ gas volumes inside
    • Hybrid electronic operation: unit can be operated both fully manual and fully automatic.
    • Off-board gas connection
    • Shearwater DiveCan controller decompression electronics
    • Minimum one complete redundant PPO2 monitoring system as back-up / safety
    • Standard scuba parts: no special connections, available everywhere


    Near Eye Remote Display (Optional)

    Lowest operational cost!

    • One unit for any kind of operation, any depth
    • One gas mix
    • One standard training program for all divers
    • Unit can be serviced on site by trained internal personal


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