TAC 1000 with Transportation Box

The SEACRAFT underwater scooter (DPV – Diver Propulsion Vehicle)
is an additional element of diving equipment used for faster movement and increased range diving. By purchasing the SEACRAFT underwater scooter you choose one of the best products available on the market today. The modern and innovative character of all SEACRAFT models is the result of detailed planning and supervised production processes. The manufacturer of the device, based on their own long-standing research and development, have applied innovative solutions in the field of machine design that have not yet been used in such devices: the motor running at full immersion, the post swirl stator, double sided steering handle, and electronic controllers, amongst others.

TAC 1000 an extremely lightweight and powerful unit. Weighing just 15.75 kg is widely used where mobility and speed of reaction are crucial. Despite the very compact size, its range and speed are superior to most other, bigger scooters.

Comes along with a custom made alluminium box, made on Seacraft measure. Ideal for having your scooter perfectly safe during transportation.


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    Product Details

    Magnetic Propulsion

    Post-Swirl Stator System

    AirFoil Shaped Propeller

    Dual Steering Handle


    Burntime Display


    Battery Management System

    BLAC Steering


    Double Tap

    Easy Propeller Removal

    Easy Trimming

    External Charging Port

    Extreme Efficiency

    Full One-Handed Control

    Handle Up Position

    Li-Ion Power

    Low-Magnetic Zone

    Master Switch

    Onboard Computer

    Scooter History

    Time Lock

    User Customisation Menu

    Sealed Battery

    Silent Drive



    • Charger 400 W 9S LiIon dedicated to TAC1000 scooter
    • Aluminium transport bracket ø 208 mm
    • Universal sports camera mount, attached to the control module
    • Trimming weight 65 g – additional 3 pieces
    • Trimming weight 200 g – additional 3 pieces
    • Scooter harness 1.8 m with carabiner and two tensioners
    • Spare parts set for TAC1000 – set of seals, grease for seals, grease for engine, spare buttons
    • Direct battery charging connector for TAC1000 scooter
    • Service key


    Why Seacraft DPV


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