OrcaTorch D710V


The OrcaTorch D710V is designed for underwater photography. Its 120°beam floodlight without any dead zones. With max 2000 lumens, its high brightness is perfect for any underwater activity.

THREE IN ONE ,including White, Red and UV light, D710V uses 21700 5000mAh rechargeable battery with Type-C charging port, easier for you to charge it anywhere.

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 Orca Torch

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    Product Details

    Main Features:

    • Neutral white light, max 2000 lumens, 120 degree super wide beam angle.
    • Red light & UV Light
    • Use 1 x 21700 Type-C Rechargeable battery
    • Easy operation with side titanium alloy button switch
    • Battery indicator
    • Safe lock function, prevents mis-operation
    • Water pressure resistant construction, depth rated to 150 meters


    Underwater photography is a fascinating and challenging hobby that requires specialized equipment to capture the beauty of the underwater world. One of the most important pieces of equipment for underwater photography is the underwater photography light.

    We here introduce to you the OrcaTorch newly released D710V. It is a versatile underwater photography light that offers three different color options: white, red, and purple. This high-quality diving light is perfect for capturing stunning images and video footage while exploring the depths of the ocean. Each color of light has its own unique properties and advantages for underwater photography.

    White Light

    White light is the most commonly used color for underwater photography. It provides a natural-looking illumination that can bring out the true colors of the underwater environment. White light is also useful for illuminating large areas, such as coral reefs or shipwrecks.

    Red Light

    Red light is often used for night diving or deep diving. This is because red light has a longer wavelength than other colors of light, which means it can penetrate deeper into the water. Red light is also less likely to scare away shy marine life, making it an ideal choice for capturing images of elusive creatures.

    Purple Light/UV395

    Purple light, also known as UV light, is used to capture images of fluorescent marine life. Many marine organisms have fluorescent properties that can only be seen under UV light. Purple light is also useful for creating unique and artistic images that showcase the beauty of the underwater world in a new and exciting way.

    In addition to its impressive lighting capabilities, the OrcaTorch D710V also includes a range of other advanced features. Mil-Spec Type III hard anodized aluminum alloy body can withstand the harsh conditions of underwater environments. It also features a three O-ring seal to ensure that it remains waterproof at depths of up to 150 meters. Others include adjustable brightness levels, a built-in battery indicator, and an easy-to-use lockable titanium alloy switch.

    Whether you are a beginner or an experienced underwater photographer,or whether you are exploring coral reefs or diving deep into the ocean,the OrcaTorch D710V is an excellent choice for your camera kit.

    Technical Parameters

    • Output: 2000 lumens (White – High), 600 lumens (White – Low), 125 lumens (Red), 2.5 lumens (UV)
    • Runtime: 1h 30min (White – High), 3h 5min (White – Low), 4h 30min (Red), 6h 40min (UV)
    • Dimension: 154.9mm (Length) * 36mm (Head Diameter) * 27mm (Tube Diameter)
    • Net Weight: 146g
    • Accessories:


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