Tusa Intega

With years of research, TUSA has developed a mask skirt that adapts to your face. The 3D SYNQ Fitting Ring adapts to the user’s face creating a seal like no other mask. Large or small, wide or narrow, long or short, the TUSA Intega has you covered.

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Winner of the ScubaLab Testers Choice 2022 award


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    Product Details

    The Tusa Intega bi-lens dive mask features:

    • NEW 3D Sync
    • NEW Swift Buckle 3D
    • Freedom Dry Technology
    • Round Edge Skirt
    • NEW Eco-Friendly mask case that is made from recycled material
    • Corrective Lens available: MC-211

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    Freedom Technology
    • Dimpled Skirt: Key areas around the forehead and cheek bones have been designed with dimples which combine to increase the skirt’s softness, flexibility and skin surface contact. This also greatly reduces leakage and enhances comfort.
    • Stability Ridges: As water pressure increases a mask will compress inwards toward the face often causing further leakage. Areas under the cheek bones have been reinforced with stability ridges to minimize this compression maintaining ideal skin surface contact.
    • Varied Silicone Thickness: When in usage, a regulator or snorkel mouthpiece can distort areas of the nose pocket and mouth section causing leakage and discomfort.
    • Freedom Dry: The skirt fitting line features a low friction surface that delivers a superior seal and increases the facial area contact patch while significantly reducing excess skin tension. The result is a soft and supple feeling mask with a dramatically improved seal.



    3D Mask Strap

    TUSA’s revolutinary 3D Mask Strap fits snugly fits againast the head’s curvature for superior comfor fit and unprecedented fit.




    Round Edge Skirt

    TUSA’s Round Edge Skirt features a proprietary round edge cross-sectionally shaped skirt. This rounded edge results in a soft fit that suppresses pressure and reduces creasing left on the face. The “planar fit, instead of linear fit” silicone skirt maintains great fit and unprecedented comfort.



    3D Sync

    TUSA has developed a unique Fitting Ring that has been built into the Mask Skirt. This technology enables the Mask Skirt to mold to all face shapes providing the ideal fit, seal and underwater experience.




    Swift Buckle 3D

    TUSA has designed the perfect buckle and mask strap. The NEW low profile buckle is slim and light weight. The easy adjustment buckle and strap is silent and effortless when making adjustments.



    Corrective Lens

    Corrective Lenses are offered on several styles of masks. This option allows the diver to choose right and left lens powers in both a variety of diopters for maximum flexibility and for a custom fit.


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