Baby Swim Teacher

Baby Swim teaches you to be a guide helping parents work on swim skills with their children. Due to the very nature of the title, you will be learning how to handle babies in the water. Attendance in this program is separate from the other SSI Swim Teacher Programs.

What Will You Learn?

When dealing with children in the water, additional constraints and techniques are required. The Baby & Me certification is designed to help teachers deal with our youngest swimmers between 6 months and 2 years old. Education on this course is also geared towards the parents to help them understand the issues being faced. ​Parent or guardian supervision is required when teaching these courses.

This program provides candidates with the knowledge and training necessary to conduct the Baby and Me and Aquababy swim programs.


What Will You Do?

  • Complete the Candidate Water Fitness Evaluation as outlined in the SSI Training Standards if it has been more than six months since the candidate has been evaluated.
  • Complete all academic sections and assessments as outlined in the Baby Swim Teacher Instructor Manual.
  • Complete the program’s final exam.
  • Complete at least four (4) hours of apprenticeship training.

Course Schedule

Recommended hours for completion: 6-8. Apprenticeship training: at least 4 hours. The number of classes, hours, and sessions per day are set by the Swim Teacher Instructor, based on the candidate’s needs and ability.

Course Price

Get in touch with an SSI Training Center for the same.

Course Prerequisites

Minimum age:

  • 18 years old.

Equipment Requirements

During all in-water training sessions, each student must be equipped with a properly fitted Total Swim System that includes:

  • Swim Suit
  • Skin and sun exposure protection appropriate to the environment

During all in-water training, each SSI Professional must be equipped with at least all student equipment.

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