Basic Freediving Instructor

Are you a scuba professional interested in starting a new career in freediving? Introduce water enthusiasts to the exciting freediving world and help them set a free dive record of their own with this entry-level program.

As a Basic Freediving Instructor, help others learn to freedive with the Snorkeling, Try Freediving, and Basic Freediving courses.

What Will You Learn?

Freediving is the world’s fastest-growing underwater sport. Get in on the action and begin today as a Basic Freediving Instructor. Help others learn to freedive and discover the ultimate in underwater freedom. Gain experience with this entry-level instructor rating by helping new water enthusiasts set their own free dive record.

Once you get comfortable teaching the basics of freediving, take the next step in advancing your freediving instructor career. Get started today!

The SSI Basic Freediving Instructor Course consists of two main phases:

  • Five Academic Sessions (Independent study or in a classroom)
  • One Pool / Confined Water Sessions – Where its time to use the knowledge and skills you acquired, in the open ocean to complete the SSI Basic Freediving Instructor Course.

What Will You Do?

  • Complete and pass all requirements for Basic Freediving Instructor.
  • Complete the program’s final exam

Course Schedule

Recommended hours for completion: 8-12. The number of classes, hours and sessions per day are set by the individual instructor, based on student needs, student ability and environmental conditions.

Course Price

Get in touch with an SSI Training Center for the same.

Course Prerequisites

• Minimum age: 18 years old.

Have the following SSI certifications (no equivalency permitted):

• Scuba Assistant Instructor

Equipment Requirements

Unless the program-specific instructor manual states otherwise, each freediving student must be equipped with a properly fitted Total Freediving System, including:

• Mask

• Snorkel

• Bi-fins(standard length or long freediving fins)

• Exposure suit appropriate for the environment

• Weight System

• Logbook

Students are required to wear a freediving safety lanyard if any of the following conditions apply:

• Level 2 Freediving programs and higher

• Vertical visibility is less than 10 meters

• The planned freedive is deeper than 20 meters in depth

• On any site where the natural bottom depth is 30 meters or deeper

*Equipment will be provided by your Dive Centre. We recommend that you should get your own gear once you become a certified diver.

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