React Right

Learn how to manage dive emergencies and treat injuries as a first responder with our React Right specialty. This in-depth emergency first response course includes first aid, CPR skills, oxygen administration and much more!

Earn the SSI React Right specialty certification and help other divers in need. Start today!

What Will You Learn?

The SSI React Right program provides students with the knowledge and training to act as a first responder and provide first aid and CPR, administer oxygen and/or provide Automated External Defibrillator (AED) support in the event of a medical emergency.

Each portion of the React Right program (First Aid and CPR, Oxygen Administration and AED) may be taught individually or in any combination of the three sections.

What Will You Do?

  • Complete academic and practical training scenarios as outlined in the instructor manual for React Right for the portions of the program they are completing.
  • Complete a React Right final exam with a passing score for each of the portions of the program they are completing.

Course Schedule

Recommended hours for completion: 8-12. First Aid: 5 hours AED Provider: 1 hour Oxygen Provider: 2 hours

Course Price

Get in touch with an SSI Training Center for the same.

Student Learning Materials Price

INR 5,950

Course Prerequisites

Minimum age:

  • 12 years old.

Equipment Requirements

React Right students must train using current and appropriate first aid and CPR, oxygen administration and AED equipment.

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