Extended Range Nitrox Diving Instructor

Develop your SSI Professional career, go deeper, for longer, and learn the skills all technical programs are based on. The SSI Extended Range Nitrox Diving Instructor certification is the first exciting step towards becoming an Extended Range Instructor!

Put your toe in the water of Extended Range diving instruction with this essential nitrox diving course and share your passion for diving. Start your certification online today!

What Will You Learn?

The SSI Extended Range Nitrox Instructor course provides all you need to organize and conduct the SSI Extended Range Nitrox course. Using either an XR Sidemount or Twinset Total Diving System, this program prepares you to teach limited decompression dives to a maximum depth of 40 meters/130 feet.

Upon completion, you will earn the SSI Extended Range Nitrox Instructor certification. Start this essential nitrox diving course online now!

What Will You Do?

  1. Complete the Digital Learning materials found in this manual. These materials are self-paced, and you can complete them anywhere, anytime, once you download them to your MySSI app
  1. Complete the Academic Sessions and Pool/Confined Water Sessions with your SSI Dive Professional
  1. Complete the Extended Range Nitrox Diving Instructor Dives

Course Schedule

Recommended hours for completion: 16. The number of classes, hours and sessions per day are set by the individual instructor, based on student needs, student ability and water conditions.

Course Price

Get in touch with an SSI Training Center for the same.

Student Learning Materials Price

INR 5,850

Course Prerequisites

Minimum Age: 18
Certification Prerequisites: None
Academic Sessions: Online Program
Pool/Confined Water Sessions: 1
Open Water Dives: 1
Maximum Training Depth: 40 meters / 130 feet
Suggested Duration: 16 hours

Equipment Requirements

During all in-water sidemount training, each student must be equipped with a properly-, fitted Sidemount Total Diving System:

• Buoyancy compensator with sufficient lift capacity for the planned dive

• An industry-approved sidemount harness

• One delivery system that has a regulator with a 1.8- to 2.1-meter hose

• One delivery system that has a regulator with a 50- to 75-centimeter hose and neck retainer

• Two cylinders with independent valves

• Submersible pressure gauge with a 15–25 centimeter high-pressure hose (all cylinders must have an SPG attached)

• Integrated depth gauge and timing device or dive computer


• Mask

• Fins

• Exposure suit appropriate for the environment

• A cutting device

• One signaling device for deploying from depth (red surface marker buoy isrecommended, but follow local guidelines)

• A reel orspool (appropriate for the maximum planned depth)

• One surface signaling device (whistle orsimilar)

• Logbook

*Equipment will be provided by your Dive Centre. We recommend that you should get your own gear once you become a certified diver.

Students with an SSI Recreational Sidemount Diving certification (or equivalent) may participate in SSI recreational scuba programs using a sidemount configuration if they have all the components of a Total Diving System.The SSI Professional conducting the program must have direct and recent knowledge of the student’s equipment configuration and skills.

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