Snorkel Diver

Learn how to snorkel with the SSI Snorkel Diver program! You will learn all you need to go snorkeling and discover the wonders of the ocean! Most people enjoy this course so much, they enroll in a dive training program afterwards.

Start now and discover the underwater world!

What Will You Learn?

The SSI Snorkel Diver program is the first step towards discovering your inner mermaid. It is the best way to learn how to snorkel and develop your confidence in the water, so you can go snorkeling and explore the mesmerizing landscapes and marine life of the ocean. You do not need to be a proficient swimmer to participate in the Snorkel Diver program and there is no minimum age to join in. You just need to be comfortable in the water, able to maintain your buoyancy and ready to begin the adventure of a lifetime!

In this program, you will be introduced to the equipment and skills you need to go snorkelling safely. Earn your SSI Snorkel Diver recognition card today!

What Will You Do?

  • Complete all in-water sessions as outlined in the instructor manual for Snorkel Diver in a pool, confined water, or open water environment.

Course Schedule

There is no recommended duration for the Snorkel Diver program.

Course Price

Free of Charge

Student Learning Materials Price

Free of Charge

Course Prerequisites

  • There is no minimum age for the Snorkel Diver program.

NOTE: Students do not need to be proficient swimmers to participate in the Snorkeling program. They should be comfortable and able to maintain their buoyancy in water too deep to stand in prior to participating in open water sessions.

Equipment Requirements

The Snorkelling System

  • Scuba Diving Mask
  • Scuba Diving Fins
  • Snorkel

The Exposure System

  • Wetsuit / Rashguard / Drysuit

*Equipment will be provided by your Dive Centre. We recommend that you should get your own gear once you become a certified diver.

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