Extended Range Sidemount Instructor

Love sidemount diving? Want to develop your diving career and enjoy global job opportunities? Become an SSI Extended Range Sidemount Instructor! Get certified as a Sidemount Instructor and help others discover the benefits and exhilaration of sidemount diving.

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What Will You Learn?

The SSI Extended Range Sidemount Instructor course provides all you need to conduct the SSI Extended Range Sidemount program. Once certified, you can teach both the Recreational Sidemount and Extended Range Sidemount programs. Share the benefits of sidemount diving with other divers and teach them how to use multiple stage cylinders effectively.

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The SSI Extended Range Sidemount Instructor Course consists of three main phases:

  • Four Academic Sessions (Independent study or in a classroom)
  • One Pool / Confined Water Session
  • One Open Water Dives- Where its time to use the knowledge and skills you acquired, in the open ocean to complete the SSI Extended Range Sidemount Instructor Course.

Maximum Training Depth : 40 meters / 130 feet

What Will You Do?

Option 1

  • Co-teach at least two (2) separate Extended Range Sidemount programs under the direct supervision of an active status Extended Range Sidemount Instructor.

Option 2

Attend a two-day seminar and successfully complete:

  • A review of all SSI General Training Standards, and the standards related to the XR programs the candidate is earning a certification for.
  • A review of the program-specific student and instructor materials.
  • The applicable final exams.
  • An equipment configuration session for the appropriate Total Diving System.
  • The XR Candidate Water Fitness Evaluation as outlined in the SSI Training Standards if it has been more than six months since the candidate has been evaluated.
  • A pool/confined water session that includes the presentation and evaluation of all required program skills. All skills must be done with demonstration quality.
  • While acting as an instructor, plan and conduct at least one (1) dive that meets the requirements of Open Water Training Dive 4 from the instructor manual for Sidemount Diving.
  • Demonstrate the ability to rescue an unconscious diver by bringing the diver to the surface from a depth between 5 and 10 meters.


  • During the planned dive, the candidate will supervise an assistant or another candidate acting as the student.

Course Schedule

Recommended hours for completion: 16. The number of classes, hours and sessions per day are set by the individual instructor, based on student needs, student ability and water conditions.

Course Price

Get in touch with an SSI Training Center for the same.

Student Learning Materials Price

INR 5,850

Course Prerequisites

  • Own and use a Total Diving System in the appropriate equipment configuration as outlined in the SSI General Training Standards.
  • Complete the XR Instructor Assessment Form and provide proof of the required teaching and diving experience.

Have logged at least:

  • 20 sidemount dives

Option 1

Have the following SSI certifications or an equivalent from a recognized training agency:

  • Recreational Sidemount Diving

Have the following active status SSI certifications or an equivalent from a recognized training agency:

  • Extended Range Nitrox Diving Instructor

Option 2

Have the following SSI certifications or an equivalent from a recognized training agency:

  • Extended Range Sidemount

Have the following active status SSI certifications (no equivalency permitted):

  • Advanced Open Water Instructor

Equipment Requirements

 Minimum Extended Range Sidemount Total Diving System

  • Buoyancy compensator with sufficient lift capacity for the planned dive
  • A backup buoyancy device: dry suit, double-bladder wing, or lift bag
  • An industry-approved sidemount harness
  • One delivery system that has a regulator with a 1.8- to 2.1-meter hose
  • One delivery system that has a regulator with a 50- to 75-centimeter hose and neck retainer Two cylinders with independent valves
  • Submersible pressure gauge with a 15- to 25-centimeter high-pressure hose (all cylinders must have an SPG attached)
  • Two integrated depth and timing devices
  • Stage cylinder(s) with delivery systems that each have a 15- to 25-centimeter hose and attached SPG


  • Two masks
  • Fins
  • Exposure suit appropriate for the environment
  • Two cutting devices
  • A compass
  • Two signaling devices for deploying from depth (red and yellow surface marker buoys are recommended, but follow local guidelines)
  • A reel or spool (appropriate for the maximum planned depth)
  • One surface signaling device (whistle or similar)
  • Extended Range Dive Planning Sheets, and either wet notes or slate for dive plans
  • Logbook

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